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Health Services Examples Given

Health Services Examples Given

Health services are an integral part of the life of any community. Healthcare services have a direct impact on the lives that are affected by them. There are many examples of such healthcare facilities in various cities and counties around the world. I am going to discuss some examples of these services which may help you to understand them better.

Public Health Services Examples

Public health services examples include a wide range of programs, services, and initiatives to promote, protect and maintain the health of the community.

Public health services include:

  • Immunization services (e.g., childhood immunization programs)
  • Infection prevention and health promotion services (e.g., disease surveillance programs)
  • Public dental health services (e.g., fluoridation)
  • Mental Health Services

Health Services Examples of Immunization

Immunization services are a type of health services examples that protects people from infectious diseases. Immunizations are provided by the government and private organizations and may be free or low-cost.

Immunization – A vaccine is given to help prevent someone from getting an illness or disease. For example, measles vaccines help prevent measles; chickenpox vaccines help prevent chickenpox; polio vaccines help prevent polio; hepatitis B vaccines help prevent hepatitis B (a liver disease). Some vaccinations can also protect against more than one disease at once such as DTaP-IPV which protects against diphtheria, tetanus (lockjaw), pertussis (whooping cough), polio, and Haemophiles influenzae type b bacteria all at once!

Health Services Examples of Infection

Infection prevention and health promotion services are designed to protect the health of the community by preventing disease, injury and disability. They are provided in a variety of settings including schools, workplaces, communities and in the home. For example:

School-based programs can help children achieve optimal growth and development by promoting good nutrition; encouraging physical activity; reducing tobacco use; preventing alcohol abuse; promoting social competence; reducing violence among youth through conflict resolution skills training programs; screening for depression (or other mental health issues) using validated screening tools like questionnaires or interviews with trained professionals who can then refer students for appropriate treatment if needed.

Public Dental Health Services Examples

Dental services are provided to eligible children and adults. These services are provided at no charge to those who have a low income or disability. The goal of public dental health services is to improve oral health status, as well as prevent dental disease in the general population through education, prevention, and treatment activities.

Mental Health Services Examples

Mental health services can be a great way to help people with mental illnesses recover and lead normal lives. Mental health services are important because they provide treatment for those who need it. Mental health services are also important because they give people who suffer from mental illnesses the chance to get better and start living their lives again.

Variety of Health Services Examples 

The community can access public health services, immunization services, infection prevention and health promotion services. The community can also access public dental health services for children aged 0-6 years who are enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP and do not have private insurance coverage for dental care.


It’s important to note that not all health services examples are provided by the government. In fact, many of them are offered by private organizations and charities. The community can access a variety of health services examples from these groups too, including immunization services, dental check-ups or mental health support.